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We have purchased homes in Chicagoland in just about every situation and condition you can imagine.

Situations we Have Worked Through

S Genoa Ave, Chicago

This probate property was purchased sight unseen with six feet of water in the basement! The administrator passed away in the middle of the process but we managed to continue working with the attorney and the family members to finalize the deal.

S Lowe Ave, Chicago

We helped the current tenant of this property find, apply for, and secure a new apartment. To assist with the move, we paid three months of his rent, arranged to move his belongings, and provided some spending money until he got settled.

S Halsted St, Chicago

Only days prior to the foreclosure auction, we entered into contract and filed an emergency motion in court to have the auction postponed. These quick actions let us complete the deal with the seller resulting in her avoiding foreclosure and being able to walk away from the table with some money!

Park Ave, Lansing

This out of state seller was able to finish the deal quickly as we contracted and closed within a couple weeks’ time. As an added bonus, they were not required to come to the house or even the state to finalize the deal!

Edina Blvd, Zion

This property reminded us of a scary movie being filled to the brim with junk, cool pictures and memorabilia, and spiders. It was a win for the seller as we were able to easily close the deal without them ever having to come to the property.

S Hermitage Ave, Chicago

Fire and water damage left untreated for years left this property almost beyond repair. The attorney for the out of state seller was dragging their feet so we jumped in, took over title, and closed quickly without ever needing the seller to come to the state.

S Union Ave, Chicago

This severely damaged property was inherited by an out of state seller who was keen to get it off their hands. We negotiated an agreeable price sight unseen and were able to have a smooth closing at the agreed upon price. 

sell my house water damage chicagoland

Forsythe Ave, Calumet City

Due to title issues, the seller was not expecting to make much money on this sale. We were able to clear an old mortgage and the seller ended up walking away with more money than anticipated!

sell my house as is chicagoland

W Myrick St, Chicago

We were able to meet with the heirs of this inherited property, agree on a price, and close in around three weeks making this one of the fastest probate deals ever.

sell squatter house chicago

S Komensky Ave, Chicago

This two-flat inherited property came with a lot of left behind junk and the lingering scent of cats; however, we were able to close quickly and without incident for cash. The sellers’ attorney was so impressed by our speed and experience that they continue to reach out to us for other property sales.

N Central Park Ave, Chicago

COVID-19 lockdowns delayed but did not destroy this deal! The seller was stuck overseas in Spain and could not complete the sale for over a year. We deposited our EMD for the full year and finally closed per the original agreed contract when they were able to return to the US.

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